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An unsuspecting college student is inadvertently thrust into the paparazzi spotlight when a country music star mingles at a local karaoke club. After an unexpected photo surfaces online, the power of clickbait media sends two people from different worlds on a collision course with destiny.

A break from touring proves to be anything but relaxing, as Landon Ross navigates a whirlwind of tabloid manipulation, crazed fans and heightened security protocol. Each detail of his life is carefully structured and scheduled. But the unexpected arrival of a talented local music major makes him re-evaluate everything.

My review

This book has potential. I liked the author’s plot line and characters. I liked that there was always something coming that the reader didn’t expect. It was really well done that way.

I did wish that the book was longer. There were plenty of places that the author could have taken a bit more time to make sure the details were clear. And there could have been more to the characters to make them seem more real and likable.

At 122 pages, this one felt really short. But it’s a decent story, so you aren’t wasting your time reading it.

I was sent an e-copy of A Guarded Love as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About author Adelia Burke

Adelia Burke (Deb Earl) was born in Reno, Nevada. She is married and has three married daughters and two grandchildren. She has been an avid reader all of her life with a vivid imagination.

She has been involved in family history research for many years and decided to incorporate that into her writing in some of her books. It makes for some interesting stories.  She absolutely loves to throw in twists in her books.

Her interests include running, gardening, and traveling. She is a home-schooling expert!

For a free book from the author, An Unlikely Suitor, fill in the contact information at www.Adeliaburke.com


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