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Nash Roberts secretly writes fan-fiction scripts for his favorite TV show, He Spies, She Spies. That is, until a well-meaning friend submits one of the scripts to a contest and Nash wins. His secret is out and everyone in Little River is talking about him even more than when he stepped aside so his ex could run off with a country music star.

Actress Hallie Butler will do pretty much anything to save her struggling show, and that includes filming in the small town of Little River and doing photo-ops with the nerd who wrote the winning script. Except the writer is no nerd. He’s a sweet, hunky doctor embarrassed about his hobby.

As the two get to know each other, Hallie’s convinced she’s found her movie-worthy happily ever after, until a twisted online story comes between them. Will Nash learn from his past and fight for the woman he loves, or is Hallie better off if he walks away?

My review

I’ve loved Ranee S Clark’s books set in Little River, Wyoming. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business as well. So when the cast of He Spies, She Spies comes to town to film their last few episodes, every one knows about it. And everyone knows shy they’re there filming as well.

Nash Roberts had written some fan fiction for his favorite show. He never planned to send it in for a contest to write an episode, but his friend Bellamy took it upon herself to send it to the show. And, of course, it won. I loved the scene where Bellamy told him what she did. And had to pay him with many meals that she made.

Hallie is the starring actress in the show He Spies, She Spies and coming to Little River was not what the’d ever planned on. But she likes the little won and all the people in it, fairly quickly. Especially Nash. The two come up with an idea to pretend to be dating, in order to get Hallie’s co-star to come back for the last episode. But for the two, it quickly becomes way more than pretend.

I loved these two together. They were perfect for each other. Even though Hallie was from bustling LA and Nash was from the smallest town. They have to work hard to overcome many things, including the falseness of their relationship. And that’s a beautiful thing. Because when you work so hard for something, it becomes the most important thing to you.

I can’t wait to read more books by this author!

I borrowed a copy of Hallie’s Hero using my Kindle Unlimited membership.

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