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her navy seal cowboy first love

He wanted to be a SEAL. End of Story. Until a smokin, hot blond steals his seat … will true love find a way?

Jack Summerville can’t wait to dust his heels of this small town and start his life in the Navy. When the new girl steals his seat, he never imagined actually liking her enough to allow her to kiss him. Oh yeah, he didn’t allow anything!

Military brat, that’s what Tauni Richfield was. It would take more than a bad attitude dressed like G.I. Joe, to get her to move seats. She was Harvard bound and nothing would stop her. When the guy with the bad attitude shows up to protect her from an intruder, she never expected he would ask her out. Didn’t he know—she wasn’t dating.

When her father tries to force them apart, will true love find a way? Or will all new dreams be forgotten?

My review

I really loved the way the author did this book. The main characters didn’t exactly like each other at the beginning. Or they didn’t seem to when Tauni stole Jack’s seat. But the more the two are together, the more they like each other.

One thing that was really fun about this one is that the two are studying Romeo and Juliet, and then their story becomes very similar.

Tauni is an interesting character. She’s used to being on her own. Her dad is a Navy seal and he’s always gone. But he’s kind of there at the same time. I know this sounds different. But with technology, he’s able to know where Tauni is and see what she’s doing even. And he’s a bit controlling. I loved how Tauni wanted to be her own person. She didn’t want her dad or Jack telling her what to do. And she wanted her very specific dreams.

Jack had dreams to. He worked very hard to get his dreams. He was planning to be a Navy seal and ship out right after graduation. But something about Jack was that he knew he could be flexible. Especially when shown that his dream wasn’t the best version for his life.

I really loved Jack’s family. Especially his mom. I loved the way she pulled Tammi into their lives. She really made her feel welcome and loved, something everyone needs in their lives.

I loved the way the book ends. It’s not how I imagined it would end, but it was perfect!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Navy Seal Cowboy First Love as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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