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the whispered dance of bees

Had fate and nature not conspired, Alyce Redgrave would have been a cild of wealth and privilege. But the night of her birth was shadowed by an eerie Devils Moon and her christening day marred by a fierce hailstorm—ill omens that led the superstitious peasants to seek Alyce’s life. Desperate to save her infant daughter, Alyce’s mother flees with her baby, finding shelter and goodwill at the isolated farm of strangers …

There, Alyce’s life is filled with secrets, unanswered questions, and a sense of foreboding. Her worst fears are realized when she narrowly escapes the clutches of a murderer by fleeing into the forest. Fate steps in once more to change the course of her life when Alyce is found and taken in by Elspeth, a wise woman with the uncanny ability to commune with nature. Trained by Elspeth in the art of healing. Alyce remains haunted by the puzzle of her past until she discovers he mother’s lost pendant. With the help of this object and the aid of the enchanting William Pascoe, Alyce finally holds the key to who she once was and who she will become.

My review

I really enjoyed reading this book! It’s labeled as a historical romance. And there was some romance, but not until the end. Sometimes labels are kind of broad, I guess.

This one is told from the perspective of both Arrabelle and Alyce. Arrabelle is Alyce’s mom. And she had to go to great lengths when Alyce was a baby to save her life. The beginning of this book is what was told from Arrabelle’s perspective. Lots of crazy things happened at the beginning of Alyce’s life. That part was hard to want to put down. There was so much danger. It kept me enthralled.

As Alyce grows up, the point of view shifts to her. It was kind of interesting to read her perspective and see how things change as she grows from a child to a woman. She was a good young woman, well trained in the art of healing. She was compassionate and caring. Traits she learned from the several mothers around her.

I loved the point in the book where she had to make a decision, either to be selfish and save herself or to be courageous and caring and save someone else, when her life could be forfeit.

This was a great book! I enjoyed the bit of romance at the end. But I also enjoyed the journey to get to that point.

I was sent a copy of The Whispered Dance of Bees as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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