About Eleven Things you Probably Didn’t Know about The Book of Mormon

Eleven things you probably didn't know about The Book of Mormon

This is the beginning of a little series that I’ve been working on for a long time that I’m calling: “The Eleven Things” series. This is the first one called: Eleven Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Book of Mormon. I’ve found over nearly 20 years of teaching adult and young adult institute that many miss the hidden gems in the scriptures. They miss the details and many of the “ah-ha moments” that are densely packed into Holy Writ.

You will love this book.  It is a fun read. You’ll have lots of ah-ha moments.  It will excite you to learn even more about the incomparable Book of Mormon.  You will learn things you’ve just never known before.

Generally, if you are purchasing this eBook, you’re a self-selected student of the scriptures and likely seasoned in the scriptures, or you’re a curious student of the gospel who just thirsts for learning and wants to know more, or you unabashedly have a high degree of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) so you want to be sure you are up to date on things you didn’t know.

My review

This book was really interesting! It’s not your boring non-fiction type book. It was almost like having a seminary or institute class in book form. I really enjoyed the way the author wrote it.

The author writes in a conversational style that is really easy for the reader to read and understand. He uses quotes from the scriptures and from general authorities to reinforce what he teaches in each of the sections.

I thought the book was really well done. One of my favorite parts was at the end when the author included not only his testimony of The Book of Mormon, but testimonies of several prophets and general authorities.

If you’re interested in The Book of Mormon, you should take time to read this book. It won’t take long at all!

I was sent an e-copy of Eleven Things You Probably Didn’t Know about The Book of Mormon by the author. All opinions are my own.

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