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Plan a wedding dress heist with the ex-boyfriend I may or may not still love? Why not?

When Dani’s dream job working for an elite fashion designer in New York explodes in her face, she’s left broke, broken, and practically homeless. She only has one option: leave the city and go home to Charleston to throw herself on her twin brother’s mercy. The only problem? Alex lives in Charleston too.

Stepson to Dani’s former boss, Alex had good reasons for ghosting Dani, especially since she was still loyal to head designer Sasha Wellington—the woman trying to take his stepfather’s company down. But when Dani reappears in his life, his feelings quickly reignite, complicating everything.

Despite their reservations, Alex and Dani find plenty of ways to spend time together. As they unravel the real reasons why Alex left New York—and Dani—will they be able to rediscover the happily ever after they always hoped for?

A swoon-worthy, second-chance clean romance with just enough sizzle.

My review

I love this kind of book! It’s like watching a romcom movie that you just know you’re going to love. It just made me happy to read this one.

Dani is your typical young woman. She works as an assistant to a fashion designer, who keeps insisting that she’ll move up to that world soon. But she never does. I kind of felt bad for Dani, she was for sure being used by her boss Sasha. That woman was a beast! I don’t know how she could treat people the way she did, especially Dani.

I really loved the scenes with Dani and her friends, especially her roommate, Paige, and co-worker, Chase. Chase looks out for Dani when no one else does. He’s pretty great!

Then there’s Alex. Alex hurt Dani in a big way. And now he works for her brother, Isaac. I had to laugh at how clueless Dani was about what Isaac and Alex worked on together. She had no idea how good Isaac was at being a YouTuber. And that he’d need someone like Alex to help him out with his business. But relationships can be mended. And that was what I really loved about this. Not only could Dani and Alex’s relationship be mended, but Dani and Isaac’s as well.

I loved the wedding dress heist idea. And the way they went about it. That part was really funny. I can’t say much more than that. You really need to read it yourself!

I was sent an e-copy of Love Redesigned as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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