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Flirting with Your FBI Heartbreaker

Agent Sam Knight doesn’t want to be on this assignment, but when he discovers that his ex from seven years ago is engaged to a killer, nothing will stop him from saving her. Even if it breaks his heart all over again.

Note: This is now 3 books in one. Previously released titles: On the Run, Going Rogue, Catch me if you Can.

Now all together in Flirting with Her FBI Heartbreaker. This book has been extensively re-written, re-edited, and updated to be included in the Knight Family Romances.

Alexa Fulbright doesn’t expect the man she’s been trying to forget for the past 7 years to show up on assignment from the FBI…and she really doesn’t expect him to kiss her.

Sam Knight doesn’t want to be on this assignment, even though he requested it. He doesn’t want to see Alexa and he definitely doesn’t want to put away the thug she calls her boyfriend…but most things in life aren’t fair when it comes to her.

As Sam tries to convince Alexa that her boyfriend is a drug dealer with connections to the Columbian cartel, she doesn’t believe it, until a gun is pointed at her head and ‘said boyfriend’ puts a bullet in Sam’s shoulder.

Now Sam has to get her out of dodge and Alexa has to make a choice—face the past or live a lie that could destroy her and everyone she’s ever loved.

My review

This is a great book! I love that you get to read the whole story in one place. You don’t have to buy the three individual books that it used to be.

I really liked Alexa in this one. She hasn’t made the best choices. Her boyfriend is a drug dealer, after all. But she is able to move past her past and become the women she is meant to be. That means making hard choices when she needs to. And she’s able to do that.

Sam is the FBI agent. And Alexa ran from him a few years before this book starts. But he didn’t know why. Sam has to move past not only her current boyfriend, but what happened to Alexa to make her run. And he has to protect her at the same time. Not an easy task when a ruthless killer is after them both.

This one is full of action an adventure. It’s the kind of book that you don’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished every last page.

I borrowed a copy of Flirting with Your FBI Heartbreaker using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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