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as long as you love me

After fifteen years, straight-laced Brennon Ashworth is finally over his high school crush. Or so he thought.

After his best friend signs him up for speed dating, he inadvertently compares every woman to Molly, the carefree and vivacious girl who broke his heart. Ever since she left, he has done everything he can to make life predictable so he isn’t hurt again, even if that means life gets a little boring. When Molly shows up out of the blue, his carefully controlled life is thrown into chaos, and the masks he’s been wearing no longer seem to fit. She knows him better than anyone, so he can’t hide from Molly like he does the rest of the world. And that terrifies him.

When his pseudo-family, the Davenports, are in trouble, Brennon reluctantly teams up with Molly to find the truth and prays she isn’t lying when she says she won’t hurt him again.

Because he’s as much in love with her as ever, and he’s not sure he can survive another heartbreak.

As Long As You Love Me is a mostly stand-alone clean contemporary romance (but works better with the rest of the Simple Love Stories).

My review

I loved the book Simplicity by Dana LeCheminant. It made me really excited to see that she has a lot more books. I need to read them all! And even better is that this book features characters that I loved from Simplicity. That always makes me happy! After having read these out of order, I’d say it’s better to read them in order. I always like knowing the backstory on characters and I missed that. I’m going to have to read the others soon.

I loved the way this one is all told from Brennan’s point of view. You don’t see that a lot. Usually if the book is from only one perspective, it’s the female’s. But it really just worked with this book. I liked Brennan. So many things he did made me smile! It was funny how he got songs stuck in his head.

I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Molly. There were an awful lot of things she did that seemed really suspicious. I thought he maybe should have gone for another of the women he’d met at the speed dating event he was forced into. But…characters never listen to what I think. And I did end up liking Molly when I understood her a little bit more.

This one has a hint of mystery to it. And I loved that! It really made the story line pop off the page for me. You should definitely read this author’s books if you haven’t yet!

I was sent an e-copy of As Long As You Love Me as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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