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falling inn love

She only wanted to come home, wallow in misery, and eat chocolate.

Then he showed up.

Kate thought two weeks in Harvest Ranch would be happy and nostalgic, but that was before she got fired.

By her boyfriend.

Scratch that, ex-boyfriend. At least now she’s back on the market, ready for the next disaster—er, romance—to come along.

Freddie’s at the top of his game, and pretty much has it all. Except Kate, the cute but annoying innkeeper, makes him see there’s nothing and no one in his life he really loves.

When they both run into trouble, a weird and uncomfortable understanding forms: if they work together, they might get what they want. Risking public humiliation and professional ruin is totally worth the risk.

What’s not worth it? Falling in love.

A sweet, clean romantic comedy full of heart, sizzle, and some labradoodle frizzle.

My review

I’m loving this series. There are so many fun characters. And the fall festival. It’s perfect for this time of year!

Kate has come back to Harvest Ranch to help her parents while they’re on vacation. Only she lost her boyfriend and her job right before she left. So she’s uncertain what will be next. I loved the way Kate was up for almost anything. And she’d do almost anything to save her parents inn, The Cornucopia. Including masquerading as a famous author with a dog. And the dog hates her. This was so funny! It really made the book a hoot.

Freddie is the kind of guy who is doing something he’ll tolerate. But he doesn’t love it. Maybe because of his pushy father. That man was awful! But he ends up in a bind when the author he represents has an emergency and can’t come to Harvest Ranch for the events that have been set up. I loved how he thought of Kate and the inn at first. The whole place seemed to be out of Podunkville. But he had to help Kate with some of her projects to fix things up. And the inn turned around.

I had to laugh at the inn and all the characters who ran it. It was just fun! I want to visit Harvest Ranch! It just seems like a great place.

This one is part of a series, but you can read them in any order. They’re all great!

I borrowed a copy of Falling Inn Love with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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