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One thing I learned this week: DO NOT flirt while at a client’s wedding. (especially with anyone in a tux)

Success-driven Hope Fletcher has some lofty goals for her life. But is it really too much to want a thriving cake design business by age 29? Marry a perfect (emphasis on the perfect) man by age 30? Then have the kids, dog, and house in suburbia by age 34? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Dean. Wonderful, dreamy Dean who loves kids (and will eventually grow to love dogs) steps into Hope’s world. He’s the exact type of man she’s been looking for and she starts falling. Hard. 

But will Hope’s perfect image of Dean crumble when she finds out about his past?

A clean, loud-out-loud romantic comedy that’s full of sarcasm and swoons!

My review

I hadn’t read any by Summer Dowell before this book. But now, I can’t wait to read more. This one is a light and fun romantic comedy. And I loved everything about it!

Hope was a character I loved! I loved the way she had her whole life planned out. She didn’t plan to meet Dean. But she did, at a wedding, where he appeared to be the groom. That part made me laugh. And then she started stalking him because she happened to keep seeing him. It was so funny!

I liked Dean. He seemed like the perfect guy. But let’s face it. No one is really perfect. Hope just learned that sooner than a lot of people do in this book. I loved the way she was forced to look at herself and see she also wasn’t perfect. And that that was okay.

This whole story was told through Hope’s eyes. I’m always wanting to see the opposite point of view. But that may be hard sometimes. So I get it. I didn’t feel like the story was lacking because it was only told through Hope’s point of view.

I really loved the plot of this one. The romantic comedy was the best! I need to read more of these right away.

I was sent an e-copy of If It’s Perfect as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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