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For prosperous landowner Lazarus, hard work and extensive travel are a means to comfortably support his family, including his two sisters, Mary and Martha. Following a journey to sell his wares, Lazarus stumbles upon an opportunity to assist a stranger in need, delaying his return home. Through Lazarus’s selfless act of service, he, Mary, and Martha find themselves standing witness to miracles they never dreamed possible in the presence of a man who will forever change them and those they love—a man called Jesus of Nazareth.

Experience as never before the accounts of those who knew Christ, not only as the Savior of the World but also as a friend.

My review

This one is a little bit different than some of the other Biblical historical fiction books that Heather B Moore has written. Mainly because it has Jesus as an adult filling his mission. I really loved that aspect of the book. And seeing it through the eyes of Lazarus’ family really made that story real for me.

I loved that you see this story through the eyes of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Seeing how their lives may have been made them seem real to me. It was great to understand a little bit how they would have lived. The author did a fabulous job with her characters.

I loved the story line of this one. Sometimes it seems like the lives of the people in the scriptures don’t go on beyond the story. But this book reminded me that they were real people. Their lives did go on and they did more things than were in the scriptures.

I loved this book! Hoping for more like this book soon!

I was sent a copy of Mary and Martha as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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