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only her amnesiac fake fiance

A famous actor with amnesia; his sassy agent who will protect him at all costs.

Bennett Pike has loved one woman his entire life. Unfortunately she’s his agent, manager, and best friend who pushes him to date and pose with a different woman each night.

Sariah Bohme has been blackmailed since she was eighteen. If she keeps paying her stepdad each month and proves that she’s not in love with Bennett she can keep him safe.

When Bennett gets knocked out with a tire iron and wakes up with amnesia will it be their chance to finally fall in love or will the monster waiting in the shadows destroy them both?

My review

There’s something really satisfying about reading a book by Cami Checketts. Maybe it’s that her books are really quickly and easily read. I love that! And I love that they suck me in for a little bit and make me forget about the world. It’s nice.

This one features Sariah. I loved her character. She is really in love with her friend and boss, Bennett. But because of her step-father, she feels she has to stay away from him. When she finally feels like she’s at a place she could move forward, Bennett is attacked. And in danger.

Sariah is really brave in this one. She stands up to her step-father and the danger as best she can. And she’s kind of on her own because of Bennett’s injury.

Bennett made me laugh! I loved how even though he didn’t remember who he was, bits of his personality showed through in the things he said. I haven’t known anyone with amnesia, I wonder if that’s how it would really be? If you know, leave me a comment on this post, if you want to.

I loved the setting of this one. I could almost feel the cold and snow of Montana as I read it.

This is a great book that I didn’t want to put down. Don’t forget to grab your own copy!

I borrowed Only Her Amnesiac, Fake Fiancé using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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