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Sunsets and Stables

Mirabelle brings romance alive every Harvest Festival for her guests, but she’s bent on staying single. Will she fall in love before the last leaf falls?

After breaking up with a jerk of a fiancé, Mirabelle Mason used her life savings and then some to follow her dream hosting horseback rides in the mountains. When a social media influencer chooses her stable as a backdrop for a “surprise” marriage proposal, she’s destined to go viral.

All is likes and love until the half-million-dollar engagement ring goes missing. If Mirabelle doesn’t find the diamond in a week, the influencer will destroy her reputation, and she’ll go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Having been forced to retire from the FBI for going after the wrong billionaire, Danny Cabrera is biding his time as a small-time, small-town security guard. He needs to focus on getting his career back in New York, not on helping the chaotic woman covered in horse manure find a trinket in the wilderness. Except he’s got a knack for getting to the truth and he still likes saving the day.

Determined not to make the same mistake twice, Mirabelle has sworn off men. Only the clock is ticking, and she finds herself needing Danny—and even more worrisome, wanting him. Can she find the ring and love without losing herself?

My review

Here’s another great book in the Harvest Ranch Romance series. I’ve loved each of these that I’ve read. They can be read in any order, they stand alone really well. I was excited to read this one, because it includes a mystery. A good mystery pulls the reader in so well. The author did a great job with this.

I loved Mirabelle. She is the kind of woman who knows how to just be her. And she does a great job of that. I would love to go on one of her trail rides. They sound perfect, a ride at sunset with the one you love. And it includes dinner. But that’s where the mystery comes in. An extremely expensive engagement ring is stolen. And the woman it was stolen from is threatening Mirabelle.

She does the only thing she can do. She tries to find someone to help her find it before it’s too late. That’s when she meets Danny. He’s a former FBI agent in town for festival security. It was kind of funny how opposite these two were. And how Danny kept insisting that Mirabelle knew the thief, which made her so mad. Watching these two fall in love was really fun!

And they do eventually solve the mystery. I didn’t see the ending coming. It was great!

I borrowed a copy of Sunsets and Stables using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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