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For 12-year-old Kallie Watts, Christmas is anything but merry. For the last five years, the tinsel-strewn holiday has spelled disaster for her family, so when an apartment fire leaves Kallie and her widowed mother homeless just in time for the holidays, it comes as no surprise. There’s only one logical conclusion: Kallie is cursed by Christmas.

When her mother finds a new job in a small California town, Kallie steps out of the moving van and into her worst nightmare: a real-life version of “Whoville,” overflowing with holiday decorations and brimming with Christmas cheer. Forced to navigate the complicated ins and outs of her jolly new surroundings, Kallie is shaken out of her gloom one day when she discovers an ornately carved wooden Santa box on the porch, addressed to her. The moment she lifts the lid, Kallie’s life is changed forever as she rediscovers the true magic and meaning of Christmas …

My review

It seems like forever since I’ve gotten to review a movie. I miss the days of getting to go to movie premiers and all the fun that went with that. Hopefully they’ll be back soon.

But I got to review this Christmas movie. And it’s amazing! You’re going to want to buy your copy right away.

I loved everything about this movie. The main character, Kallie, was hilarious. I loved how sarcastic she was. Kallie hated Christmas because everything bad seemed to happen around then. She and her mom were moving, because their apartment had just burned down. I loved the way Kallie was able to see that she needed to change her thoughts about Christmas and look to others in order to be truly happy.

Kallie was also really aware of the people around her and what they needed. So, when she received, The Santa Box, asking for her wishes, she shared other people’s wishes. I loved watching her fix problems for kids at school. That made me smile. And her mom wasn’t left out, either. Kallie shared a wish for her as well.

This is a cute, heartwarming Christmas movie. I loved everything about it!

If you’re looking for more great Christmas movies, some of my personal favorites are included below.

I was sent a copy of The Santa Box DVD in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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