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a Christmas spark

Snowed in at a cabin with the most infuriating man in the world. I may take my chances with the wolves…

When my best friend found out I’d be alone over Christmas, she hooked me up with a week stay in her family’s cabin in Idaho. I was on a publishing deadline for my latest book and was really looking forward to a cozy week by the fire, cuddled up in flannel pajamas with my laptop and hot chocolate.


So imagine my surprise when I arrived at the cabin during a blizzard, and found it already occupied. By an all too familiar face and a fine pack of chiseled abs. Even though it had been ten years since I’d last seen Chase, he had no problem picking up exactly where we left off.

I had a big problem with it.

It didn’t matter what he threw at me—the old nickname, the teasing, his charming grin, or even those chiseled abs (did I already mention those?), I refused to let him get to me after…the incident. Nope, not me. I was made of stone.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to understand that when you strike Chase against stone…you get sparks.

Lots of them.

My review

So many new Christmas books, so little time! I loved this book by new author Cindy Steel. It’s such a great romantic comedy. It left me laughing in so many parts. It’s kind of perfect!

It starts out with a young Penny showing the reader why she can’t stand Chase. And then cuts to present day. Penny is on her way to her brother and best friend/sister-in-law’s cabin. But it’s a blizzard and her car doesn’t make it. She thinks nothing of leaving her clothes and food in the car, she’ll go back for them later. But she finds Chase in the house. And things change fast.

It was kind of hilarious how Penny left her things in the car. She ends up stuck in the cabin with Chase, no food, no clothes but the ones she was wearing. And there were a lot of sparks between the two of them. I found myself laughing at Penny. She was really unforgiving of Chase. And it didn’t appear that he had any idea of why. I loved how they end up having to come together and help each other. Penny, kind of grudgingly. But she does recognize that maybe Chase wasn’t the same person she had known when they were younger.

This book was great! If you’re looking for a Christmas themed rom-com, you can’t go wrong with this one.

I was sent an e-copy of A Christmas Spark as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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