About Betting on That Christmas Magic

Betting on that Christmas Magic

Can a Christmas bet turn into a Christmas blessing? Only with a little bit of that Christmas magic!

Emily Brooks is so happy to be engaged that when her manipulative fiancé bets her that she can’t help a jaded blues musician find the Christmas spirit, she takes the bet…even though the stakes are far too high. If she can help Eugene Devine find the Christmas spirit, her fiancé said he would stop arguing with her about adopting the foster child whom she dearly loves. The Vermont artist and the child could both become part of a family again for Christmas.

​But as Emily reaches out to Eugene and discovers what a kind, genuine man he is, her guilt and her fiancé’s jealousy turn everything upside down. The bet quickly unravels. With Emily’s dreams of love and family shattered, only the true magic of Christmas can pick up the pieces and rearrange them in a way that Emily could never have imagined.

My review

Sometimes it’s really nice to find a novella length Christmas book. I enjoy a quick afternoon read. And this was a good one.

I thought this author did a great job with her characters. They were fairly well developed for this being a novella. I really liked Emily. And I really didn’t like her fiancé, Hunter.

Emily is the kind of girl who is always doing something kind for people around her. She wants to adopt, Bee. And that’s how the bet gets started. Hunter bets her that she can’t bring the Christmas spirit to Eugene, a grinchy pub owner that they happen to meet. If she can, they can adopt Bee as soon as they are married.

I liked the way Emily went about bringing Christmas magic into Eugene’s life. But, in the end, Hunter ruined the bet and Emily’s life, or so it seemed.

This is a cute novella. And I enjoyed the short story at the end as well. Grab your copy soon to enjoy it before Christmas.

I was sent an e-copy of Betting on That Christmas Magic as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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