Fake Boyfriend Wanted

About Fake Boyfriend Wanted

“Now accepting applications for a fake boyfriend who will go on cute holiday dates with me.”
Famous last words. Or maybe they would end up being the beginning.

When your best friend hacks into your Instagram and posts a call for applications for a fake boyfriend, do you leave it up or delete and hide forever?

I couldn’t decide. Then my old crush called me. My new crush asked me out. My messages filled up with guys wanting to be my fake boyfriend. What would you have done?

My review

I really liked this one! It’s a Christmas book with the fake boyfriend trope. And it was really cute!

Ava is a really well done character. I loved how she felt like a teenager. She used their expressions and the way they talk about things. And I thought she was pretty amazing for not getting terribly mad at her friend, Sasha, for hacking her Instagram with a picture of Ava in a bikini.

The dates that she goes on are so great. Some of them are just so bad that they’re funny! This isn’t the normal way to go about getting a boyfriend, but it led to some great laughs. I loved those parts.

But the thing I really loved about this is the way Ava grows through the book. At first, it seemed like she was kind of superficial. Just into the cute guys. But as she dated these guys, I think she came to see that they were real people. With feelings. And I loved that.

I also loved that I can let my teenage daughters read it without any concerns. Thanks to Sarah Pointe for writing a really good clean young adult book!

I borrowed a copy of Fake Boyfriend Wanted using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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