About (Not So) Alone for Christmas

(Not so) Alone for Christmas

Problem number one: Maddy’s family is NOT at home. A surprise Christmas visit to Charleston only works if the family you’re surprising hasn’t decided to spend the holidays in Hawaii.

Problem number two: Maddy is stranded. There is snow on the ground in Charleston, a city that doesn’t even own a snow plow. Flights are grounded, and the power is out. Maddy isn’t going anywhere.

Problem number three: Bo Bradshaw, Maddy’s old high school crush, is stranded with her, and he is hotter than ever.

My review

It made my day when I found this cute novella in my in-box. Jenny Proctor is one of my favorite authors. Her books are always great. And this one is amazing!

I loved Maddy. She’s planned to stay in Chicago for Christmas, but plans change. That’s how she finds herself on the porch of her family’s home in Charleston three days before Christmas. I had to laugh at how she found out that her family had gone to Hawaii without her. On the phone. And then discovered that her teenage crush, Bo Bradshaw, was house sitting for them.

And it only got better when she realized that she was about to be stranded there because of a fluke snow storm hitting Charleston. I loved the humor of this situation. I loved how the two grew close because of being stuck together. The whole novella just works.

Another thing I really loved is the novella thing. Sometimes in a novella, the characters don’t end up developed enough. Not so in this one. The author did a fantastic job of getting them developed and the plot as well in a short period of time. I read this one so fast, and it made my day better.

Go grab it, for a burst of Christmas joy anytime!

I was sent an e-copy of (Not So) Alone for Christmas as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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