About Stockings, Snow and Mistletoe

Stockings, Snow and Mistletoe

Two full-length Christmas romances to snuggle up with and swoon over. Both are full of heart, humor, hope, and all the magic of Christmas, wrapped up in one holiday-filled collection.

Christmas at the End of Main Street:

All either of them wants for Christmas are some jingle bells, to deck the halls, and for everyone to stop finding them dates. This Christmas, Macie and Aaron are teaming up to make everyone believe they’re dating each other so they’ll quit trying to line them up with others. But as this fake relationship starts to feel real, can they overcome the obstacles in their way?

A Kiss at Christmas:

Kelli wants a perfect little Christmas. Parker just wants to ignore it. Both believe they’re going to be spending the holidays alone. Until the owner of the company they both work for—a man who has a secret knack for matchmaking—invites a dozen employees to celebrate Christmas on the beach. Can they get past their workplace rivalry and take a chance that might just be imperfectly perfect?

Fall in love with these sweet holiday-filled romances! 

My review

I’m a big fan of the way Meg Easton writes her books. They are just like Hallmark movies and they make me happy. And this one has two books in it, so it’s doubly good!

Christmas at the End of Main Street features Macie and Aaron. This book made me smile so much. I loved the chemistry between these two characters. But they had both sworn off dating and marriage. So, of course, they team up and decide to fake date each other. This brings so much hilarity to the plot. I loved it!

I loved both of the characters. Macie is the kind of person to do anything for anyone. She’s constantly trying to make people happy with her dogs. Aaron is a teacher. I really liked the way he was with the kids he taught. And it was so funny when they decided they were going to help him get married before the end of the school year. I also loved that these two learned a lot during their time together.

Then we’ve got A Kiss at Christmas. Kelli and Parker work together. And they are constantly pranking each other. That was so funny! They are each going to be alone for Christmas. But they get invited on a company retreat. And thrown together.

I loved the way these two fell for each other. Even though they thought they’d already given the other a chance. This was a sweet story that I loved!

I loved both of these, go grab your copy!

I borrowed a copy of Stockings, Snow, and Mistletoe using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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