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Dear Dahlia

Outdoor-enthusiast Beck Alvarez is afraid of nothing.

As a counselor at an all-girls summer camp, she can handle anything that comes her way, from disputes over who gets what bunk to beating the other cabins in camp competitions.

What she can’t handle is Colin Donovan, the ridiculously rich and handsome widowed dad from San Francisco who decides he needs to spend the whole summer at camp and make sure everything is perfect for his daughter. Despite bad first impressions, the pair of them build a budding friendship, and no matter how many times Beck tells herself the parent of a camper is completely off limits, she finds him hard to resist until the end of summer sends him home.

But when a mysterious letter brings Beck to San Francisco and into Colin’s elite world of the wealthy, Beck suddenly has to choose what she wants more: go back to the comfortable and familiar world of camp, or stay with Colin and hope she’s not the only one who thinks their relationship is more than friendship.

Beck Alvarez is afraid of nothing—except risking her heart for a man who may be too broken to love again.

My review

I don’t know how author Dana LeCheminant does it. But her books suck me into them so easily. I loved everything about this one. Including getting to see familiar friends from her other books.

The reader sees this whole book through the perspective of camp counselor, Beck Alvarez. I loved everything about her world, especially how much she loved her job and the girls. I really had to laugh when she first met Colin. She did not like him, and I’m pretty sure the feeling was mutual. But as the two worked to make Macy’s first year of camp great, they grew to like each other. At least a little bit.

When things changed for Beck, knowing Colin made things at least a little easier. It’s always better to have a friend. I loved how Beck had to work to learn what to do and how to act. She really got thrown for a loop in this book.

The plot of this one is great. I really hope we get to see these characters again soon!

I was bought a copy of Dear Dalia. All opinions are my own.

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