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snowed in for Christmas

Three things are to blame for the Christmas Eve chaos:

Easton lost a bet.
Ivy wants a promotion.
And Denver was hit with the biggest blizzard its seen in years.

Now, they’re stuck in a hut for Christmas with nothing but the fire to warm them. Unless, of course, they can warm up to each other.

My review

This book hooked me from the very first page! I loved everything about it. The characters, the plot, the author’s writing. It’s all fabulous.

Easton is a bachelor, and he’s being considered for one of those bachelor reality TV shows. Only, he doesn’t want to be on it. The only reason he’s thinking about it is that he lost a bet to his sister. He agrees to do the interview with Ivy, but that’s all he’s promising. I loved Easton. He’s a good guy. But he doesn’t think he can ever love someone because of his parents. And the way he treated Ivy was so great!

Ivy is an assistant to a producer of the bachelor shows. She’s trying to get her last interview before Christmas. She never planned to be stuck in a yurt with Easton for Christmas. But Denver’s weather didn’t cooperate. I loved the way Ivy was. She went for what she wanted, even when things didn’t work out right.

The parts in the yurt with just Easton and Ivy were so great! And that was a lot of the book. But the ending…it was fantastic. I loved everything about this one!

I borrowed Snowed in for Christmas using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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