About Suits and Spark Plugs

Liv Phelps is a woman on a mission. 
Get a degree, stay independent, save her family, and start a new life far from the small town where she was raised. Love is nowhere on that list. However, the universe has a different idea of what Liv needs, and when dashing Blaine Harris enters the diner where she’s working, she decides to give him a chance.Blaine is world’s away from anyone she’s ever known, and introduces her to things she’s long dreamed about. But when he pushes her to get her beat-down car seen by the local mechanic, a wrench is throw into the works.

Connor Hunt, resident of her same small town, has been at the very top of Liv’s ‘do not disturb’ list ever since she had a front row seat to watching him create his terrible reputation. A magician with cars, he can’t stand to see a machine suffer. He comes up with a plan to fix her car in spite of her inability to pay. But could one simple “yes” throw her life into the type of tailspin that she’d always planned to avoid?

My review

Don’t you just love this cover! I think they did a great job with it. But the thing that really shines is the story inside. I loved it! Aspen Hadley knows how to write a fun book.

The reader gets to see this book through Liv’s eyes. She’s a 20 something going to college online in a super small town. She works at the local diner. I had to give a lot of credit to Liv. She’s doing her nursing program online to stay and help her mom and sister. Liv’s family is kind of messed up. And she feels like she’s needed where she is. Then there’s the nursing program. She’d far rather be doing her art. But she feels like she needs to be able to take care of herself. She’s quite a strong and independent young woman.

Blaine is the guy she’s dating in this book. But…he wasn’t my favorite. He didn’t really understand Liv. And he called her Olivia, something no one did. I think he would have driven me nuts. The one good thing about him was that he got Liv to have her car looked at before it killed her.

That’s where Conner comes in. Liv’s attitude about Conner was really judgmental, I liked that she wasn’t a perfect character. Because, let’s be honest, none of us are perfect. But Conner isn’t who she thinks he is. And that was a beautiful thing as they really got to know each other.

This is such a great book!

I was sent a copy of Suits and Spark Plugs as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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