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falling for your boss

I am not that woman. The one who falls for her much older, extremely handsome, and totally unavailable boss.

That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

I’ve watched the other women in the office fawn over Gavin, who just so happens to be one of Texas’ richest and most desirable bachelors.

But I’m interested in business. Totally professional.

We would be a terrible idea. And yet … I can’t seem to make myself want to stay away, despite the whole boss thing and an age gap bigger than the Grand Canyon.

When Gavin’s past slams into his present, the lines between business and personal suddenly become very hazy.

Now I have to decide what I want most: my carefully planned future or a man who offers me everything I didn’t know I wanted…

My review

Emma St. Clair writes books that are so funny! They just make me happy. This book is second in the series, they can stand on their own. I think I’d still reading Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin first. It’ll just make more sense.

This series is about a group of roommates. One of them, Sam, is writing a book about love clichés and each of the roommates has one. Zoey’s is that she’s in love with her boss. He’s much older. But sometimes that’s just how things work out. I really liked Zoey. She’s really straight laced and doesn’t really let herself go. That’s part of what makes her a good personal assistant. But it’s also what makes the women at her job not very nice to her. She also likes Taylor Swift, that’s a big bonus in my book!

Her boss is Gavin. He’s a nice guy. And he really likes Zoey too, even though he hasn’t told her or shown it. I really liked the way he took things in stride. He ended up really sick and Zoey had to help him, but he was fine with it. And then when he got a really big surprise, he just rolled with it.

There were so many great things about this book! I can’t wait for the next on in the series!

I borrowed a copy of Falling for Your Boss using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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