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the stone family inn

After the death of their mother, six siblings are upset the beach house in South Port, was left solely to their oldest brother, Trey Stone. He never wanted it and he has no family anyway. The decision to sell it quickly incites a family feud and all of the siblings can’t help but get involved.

As each sibling finds their way home to South Port and the Stone Family Inn, they will deal with past hurts, let forgiveness into their hearts, and have a second chance at love.

Trey Stone’s only goal was to get it sold and get back to doing what he’s always done; being a Navy SEAL.

Ava Jamison hasn’t been back to South Port since her father passed, but her recent divorce and wanting stability for her sixteen-year-old son, has given her a longing for home. She’s prepared to buy the old Stone Mansion and she delights in turning it into an Inn where other families can have the same good memories she’s always had.

When Trey puts a stop to the sell of the beach house and demands to know why she’s divorced, it starts a fire burning deep within her she hasn’t felt for a long, long time. Hopefully the man will get out of her way before she does something really, really stupid like kiss him. Whoops, too late.

Eventually Trey concedes to a partnership of sorts and they find themselves working side by side to restore his family home.

When all of Trey and Ava’s old beach friends start popping up in town, Trey discovers South Port just might be his home after all. And it doesn’t hurt that he might have a shot with the woman he’s never stopped loving.

My review

I loved this book! It’s a start of a brand new series. Taylor Hart did such a great job with this one. Her characters are great, the little town of South Port is great too. And I loved the way she’s kind of set things up for the reader to like the family and the next books in the series. I can’t wait to read them all!

Trey is the main male lead in this one. He’s a Navy SEAL. But honestly, he seemed a little lost at the beginning. Their mom has just died. And she randomly left Trey the family beach house in South Port. He wasn’t really sure why or what to do with it. But as he saw Ava again, Trey seemed to find himself. And he just knew what to do. It was great!

I really liked Ava. She’s a strong woman who has been through a lot. And she’s a great mom. I loved the scenes with her son, Micah. They were so cute together. Ava has vowed never to marry again. And she wants to buy the Stone family beach house and make it an inn. I really loved how Trey hijacked her whole plan and got her to be his partner.

This is a love story. But there is suspense in it too. A family mystery treasure. Danger to Ava and Trey. And who is the person behind it all. It’s great. I loved the way the plot kept me interested and not sure just who the bad guy was. This is a great book! I didn’t want to put it down.

I was sent an e-copy of The Stone Family Inn as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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