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how to not fall for the wrong guy

When their jobs collide and their personalities clash, they never expect to fall in love.

Bex Sterling knows what she wants, how she wants it, and definitely isn’t afraid to go get it. Her bold personality is how she expanded her YouTube audience to over two million subscribers. If she were to fall in love, it’d have to be with the right guy—someone who is easy-going, chill, and up for anything.

So, basically, everything that Roman Powell is not.

Roman is every bit as strong-willed and driven as Bex is. With him at the helm of his company, he grew it enough to earn him a spot on the cover of Business Success magazine’s Top 10 Young (and Single) CEOs edition. But he isn’t stoked about the unwanted attention on his personal life.

Between Bex’s viewers begging her to interview the drool-worthy CEO and Roman’s staff being convinced that Bex has an audience that’s perfect for their new app, these two opposites agree to work closely for a four-part interview. Unfortunately, they’ve met before, and they know enough about each other that neither is thrilled about working together.

Despite her viewers’ very vocal support of the two of them dating, Bex is still convinced she’ll have no problem at all not falling for the wrong guy.

My review

I’m loving reading this series! I read How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door in the spring. I’m trying to catch up on the two books in the middle of the series that I haven’t read yet. And they’re so good!

Bex was a character in the first book that I was dying to read more about. She does not disappoint! I loved her strong will and the way she always goes after what she wants. I really liked the way she figured out just what kind of guy she thinks fits her personality. And that type of guy is not Roman Powell.

Roman…I liked him. But he cared way too much about what everyone else thought. I liked how he kind of grew out of that though. The apps his company makes sounded amazing. It left me wishing there really were apps like that.

I loved the way these two characters were together. They made me laugh. And they made each other laugh. That’s pretty important in a relationship. Something they both realize, a bit too late.

If you love a good romance, grab this one!

I borrowed a copy of How to Not Fall for the Wrong Guy using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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