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manor for sale, baron included

She has everything Lord Farnsworth wants, including his manor.

Lord Farnsworth would rather rot in debtor’s prison than sell the one place that feels like home to him—his mother’s manor. That is, until he meets the woman who wants to buy it. Sally Duncan is beautiful, intelligent, and as rich as a baron—a rich baron, not a cash-strapped one like Lord Farnsworth. She’s the solution to every one of his financial problems and is bewitching to boot. All he needs to do is sell her his beloved manor and then charm her to the altar, and the manor will be his again. Simple, right?

But nothing is simple when Sally starts tearing apart his ancestral home and renovating it in a way no one would consider tasteful. She is wreaking havoc on everything, but he cannot give up on owning his mother’s estate again, nor can he imagine anyone but Sally as his wife.

And so he sticks with his plan.

What a horrible mistake.

My review

This book made me laugh so many times! I love the way Esther Hatch wrote it. It’s light, fun and romantic. Honestly, I didn’t want to put it down.

Jonathan is one of those characters that the reader just loves from the very beginning. He is a baron, but his estate isn’t doing the best. He makes a very difficult decision to sell his mother’s home. I loved the first scene where he meets Sally. He doesn’t want her to know who he is, so he has his friend make up something. And he becomes known as his pugilist. But the joke’s on him, because Sally knows just who he is the whole time. LOVE!

Sally, I just loved her. I loved her care for her sister. Her sister was the whole reason Sally wanted to buy Jonathan’s manor. She needed to get her sister away from her mother, into the country. I loved the crazy things she told Jonathan she was going to do to his manor. And that vase! You really need to read this one just for the vase. And I loved how when Sally broke Jonathan’s heart, her own was broken as well. And she went out of her way to fix things and make them better.

There are so many great parts of this book. You won’t want to stop reading it for anything!

I was sent an e-copy of Manor for Sale, Baron included by the author. All opinions are my own.

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