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Experience the power of Christ’s mercy this spring! Mission Stories is an upcoming anthology film based on true stories from the mission field. ✨ Highlighting three conversion accounts, these stories will remind us of our Heavenly Father’s loving invitation to be healed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


Stealing a Book of Mormon from a roadside motel (along with other items), becomes the catalyst for one man to radically transform his life as he learns to trust in Christ’s redemptive love.

Full Circle

A friend, a convert, and a missionary are tethered together through Christ’s love and compassion in this story of intertwined struggles with self-doubt an addiction, but finally redemption. Redemption that comes after decades of wrestling with God and themselves. In Full Circle we recognize that Christ never gives up on us.


Two missionaries are “stood up” by a family on the family’s baptism day. A decade later, one missionary is transferred to the Spanish-speaking area of his mission with only weeks until his homecoming. He could never imagine how God would use him and his meager language skills to bring that same family to Chris

Message from the director

When I initially approached Mission Stories I thought I may not be the best choice to direct because I did not serve a mission. However, as I developed these stories I recognized how much missionary work has touched my life. In fact, in one of these stories a character is based on me. Through this experience I’ve learned just how powerful love, faith, and forgiveness are and that redemption is available to all of us no matter the circumstances of our lives. Everyone has a story to tell and I believe in the power of sharing stories. I hope that audiences will be touched by the themes of mercy and redemption in these stories.

– Bryce Clark

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