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Falling for a Billionaire

Three complete romance novels by bestselling inspirational author, Cami Checketts.

Do Tease the Charming Billionaire:
A sassy but scarred woman. A tough but damaged man. Will a beautiful, secluded island bring them love or will the demons from his past rip them apart?
A woman scarred and shutting herself off from the world; a billionaire who won’t give up on her. Can they take down an embezzler and a ghost from his past to find love together?
The bomb that disfigured Rachel Jewel’s face and neck also destroyed her confidence. Can she rise above the pain to unmask a thief and find the love of her life?

Trusting the Billionaire:
When Athena Haddad’s father and brother are killed, she busies herself working at her wellness studio and helping her mom fight MS. Little does she realize how flat her life has become–until she meets Nixon Browning. The billionaire is expanding his chain of health stores along the west coast, but he doesn’t appreciate her beautiful city and she thinks his products are over-priced and worthless.
Athena sets out to teach Nixon about the city and its history while ignoring his inherent kindness, sharp intellect, and the warmth that spreads through her body when he touches her. Nixon is determined to help her mom battle MS no matter what Athena thinks of his health food stores.
In an unexpected turn of events, their tour of Alcatraz becomes a fight for their lives, forcing them to let go of their pride and work together. If they can survive The Rock, they may be able to bring life and color to the sparks of romance between them.

Only Her Blue-Collar Billionaire:
A woman hiding from her dangerous ex; a billionaire hiding his wealth beneath his hard hat. When their paths cross will romance or fireworks ignite?
Escaping from her ex, Chelsea Renlund discovers the beautiful Mystical Lake. She and her son feel safe and loved in this magical forest. When she’s cleaning a gorgeous cabin and meets an intriguing construction worker will her world be upended again?
Aster Chadwick is focused on building his business. When he meets a hilarious housekeeper who tells him she loathes wealthy men he thinks he may have found his match. He loves her rambunctious son, but he didn’t bargain on losing his heart so quickly.

My review

Collections like this are so fun! I love how author Cami Checketts has taken books from 3 of her popular series and put them into this collection. It actually makes me want to read more of these series, since I’ve read one of the books in it.

Do Tease the Charming Billionaire

I liked Rachel Jewel in this one. It was fun to see her as the main character, since I’ve read a few of the others of this series and liked her in a supporting role. Rachel is a strong woman. I loved the way she was able to use Abe’s help to become comfortable with scars that she had on her face from an explosion. We all have scars like Rachel, just most of ours aren’t visible. And we need others to help us be more comfortable with who we are.

Abe is a great guy in this one. He’d been sent to prison for a white collar crime that he didn’t commit. That becomes kind of a big thing between him and Rachel at one point. But they are able to work things out, come together and work together well when it really matters.

Trusting the Billionaire

This one features Nixon and Athena. They are in San Francisco, but Nixon is a southern boy through and through. I liked how he looked at those around him and helped when he saw a need. And Athena needed him badly when things went south unexpectedly. These two had to pull together and work together to survive.

I really liked how just when I thought things were wrapped up and great, surprise, they weren’t! This story’s plot kept me engaged and interested until the very end.

Only Her Blue-Collar Billionaire

This one might have been my favorite of the three. It’s so hard to pick. But I really like Mystical Lake, the people there are fantastic. And I really liked Dax, Chelsea’s son. This author is so good at writing sassy kids that make me laugh. And Dax was one of those.

Chelsea is the main female character in this one. She’s a single mom, working hard to take care of her son Dax. There really isn’t any extra money for things like treats or even a lot of food. But she’s honest. Chelsea is on the run from her ex. And she’s hiding in Mystical lake when she meets Aster.

Aster is a work-a-holic. But as soon as he meets Chelsea and Dax, he knows he wants to give that up and be a permanent part of their lives. I loved the way he goes about tricking Chelsea into dating him through Dax. And he really showed he would take care of them through everything.

Falling for a Billionaire is a great collection. I loved each of the stories! And now I need to read more of the series these came from.

I borrowed a copy of Falling for a Billionaire using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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