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Kiss Me Now

He’d be the perfect guy…if he wasn’t trying to ruin her life.

Ian would do anything for his grandmother, so when Gran suddenly announces she’s leaving the family property to her pretty new neighbor, Ian is on the case. He’ll use every one of his sharply-honed skills as a private investigator to expose the gold digger and save Gran.

Brooke is living her best life far from the city and career that tried to destroy her. She’s happy spending her summer renovating the house she inherited and gardening with her elderly neighbor, Miss Lily. But when Miss Lily’s handsome—and obnoxious—grandson shows up, making wild accusations and dragging up Brooke’s past, Brooke must convince Ian he has her all wrong.

But what happens when their chemistry proves even more dangerous than Ian’s accusations?

My review

Reading this book made me remember why I fell in love with Melanie Jacobson’s books. She’s got such a way with words that the story just sucks you in. There is also kind of a sassiness for lack of a better word in her writing. It just makes me happy. And her characters are the best! I loved everything about this one.

Ian is a really great guy. He’s trying to make the world better in his own way. Both in his job as a private investigator in Washington, DC and in his private life. Which is why when Gran tells him that she’s going to leave her expensive home to her brand new neighbor, he goes a little crazy. He starts investigating this sweet girl. And what he finds just convinces him that his suspicions are right.

Brooke is the best! I loved her so much. She is the kind of person we all want to be friends with, genuine, a good friend, great with people, and a great teacher. And she hates spiders. Guys, that scene made me laugh so hard. Although, I would die if I found what she did. You’d better read this one based on that!

And Gran. None of this book is told from her perspective. But I loved her sass and really everything about her. It’s obvious she is loved by everyone who knows her. And honestly, I would love it if she was a real person and I could meet her.

This is one of those books you just need to read. It’s so great! I can’t wait for more by Melanie Jacobson!

I was sent an e-copy of Kiss Me Now as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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