About Falling for My Sister’s Ex

falling for my sister's ex

She’s had to force her feelings for him away.
Now that he’s no longer with her sister, does she dare take a chance?

Jeremy was the boy next door.
Blaire’s first love.
Her first kiss.

After he graduated from college and moved back to Harvest Ranch, his attention shifted to Blaire’s twin sister, Savannah, instead. Blaire has been forced to suppress her feelings and watch their relationship grow faster than the tulips in the field her family owns.

But right in the middle of their engagement, they break up.

Savannah claims he cheated.

Jeremy’s brother says she did.

Blaire isn’t sure who is telling the truth, so she goes right to the source. She meant to remain an impartial seeker of the truth, but talking to Jeremy has always had the ability to scramble her senses. When she finds out what really happened, she’s left with a painful decision–

Following her heart means turning against her family’s wishes and her own resolve. Can she trust the man she’s always loved or is she better off without him?

My review

This is my first book by Catelyn Meadows, but it won’t be my last. I loved the way she wrote this. I thought her characters were great. And the plot was awesome. Plus, it’s set in Harvest Ranch!

I really liked that the reader got to see both Blaire and Jeremy’s perspectives. It just really brings the whole book to life for me when authors do that. The picture of what’s going on becomes more complete.

I really, really liked Blaire. She’s the kind of girl I could see as a friend. Her sister, Savannah, not so much. It was interesting that the whole plot of this one was based on what Savannah told Blaire and her parents about what happened when she and Jeremy broke up. There were a lot of misconception. And unkindness on their part. And I was maybe a bit biased against Jeremy as well, at the beginning.

But as the story goes along, the reader learns what really happened. That left me wondering just what could happen for these two. I loved that it was a second chance story. And the tulip festival. I really need to go to one now.

This is a great book! I loved it.

I was sent an e-copy of Falling For My Sister’s Ex as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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