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Sometimes second chances are waiting when you least expect them.

Lars Jackson isn’t purposely hanging around Lost Creek to see Kellie Prosper more. All right, maybe he is. She’s single now, and well, he knows she’s been through a lot. Maybe he can be a listening ear. Something more would be a dream of his, but he’s good at waiting. Before Kellie’s divorce, he’d just kept his focus on his bronc riding career. But now . . .

Kellie Prosper is busier than she’s ever been. Running the Broken Hearts Ranch, bringing on new clients, and balancing all the changes in Lost Creek. At least her brother Ryan is there to help, though when Lars Jackson, one of the Original Six, starts hanging around more, Kellie feels . . . She doesn’t know exactly what she feels. But appreciation is just the beginning.

Welcome to Lost Creek Rodeo!

Best friends at a small college in Texas, six cowboys rise to become pro-rodeo stars. Follow Ryan, Reid, Westin, Ford, Eric and Lars in these six swoony sports romances.

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Lost Creek Rodeo Series:
Round Up
Chute Boss
Rough Stock
Full Rigged
Half Hitch
Ace High

My review

It’s always sad to see a beloved series come to a close. I was so glad that this series ended on Kellie Proper’s story. She was a constant through out the series. And she deserved a great ending too.

I love Kellie! It’s a bit unique in this series to see one of the women through out the whole thing. She was a constant. And she had been hurt at least as much as the women she helped. Only Kellie wasn’t getting her own help. I loved the way she learned about herself in this one. She learned that it’s okay to move on and be happy again. And that what happened to her wasn’t her fault.

Lars is such a great guy. Honestly all the Lost Creek Rodeo cowboys are. I liked the way Lars was able to forgive his brother for the hurt and move on. He took a lot of crap from Ryan before he and Kellie were even really dating. And that’s another reason I like him. Plus he’s always there to help when he’s needed.

I really had to laugh at Kellie’s parents. The scene where they show up for dinner may be my very favorite scene of the book.

This book and series made me happy. It made me laugh, it brought a tear or two to my eye. It made me feel. And that’s something I really like about a series. I can’t wait for the next Swoony Sports Romance series. Hopefully it comes soon.

I was sent an e-copy of Ace High as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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