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falling for your enemy

People who say keep your enemies closer never took a road trip with a guy who hated their guts.

A month ago, my identity as Dr. Love was a secret. A month ago, I thought I was getting engaged.

A month ago, I wasn’t stuck with the guy who hates me most in the world.

Now… if I don’t make nice with my #1 hater, I might lose my book deal.

Without that, I’m not sure what I have left.

But when I’m forced on a publicity tour with everyone’s favorite guy, the guy who says I ruined his relationship, I didn’t know how low I could go.

At every stop, I get roasted and he gets more revered.

You would think after a while, I would hate him too.

And you would be very, very wrong…

My review

Last month I reviewed Falling for Your Best Friend, this is the final book to that series. And I’m so sad to see this series end. It’s been one of my favorites and Abby, Zoey, Harper and Sam have become “friends” to me. I loved every bit of this book. The whole thing is amazing. It’s such a great cap to a great series.

I loved Sam! I’ve been excited for her story since the beginning of the series. Sam is one of my favorite characters ever. From the beginning of the book where she’s attacked by a grumpy guy, to the very end where she saves Rhys from his demons, Sam is a class act. And she could have been grumpy, being forced to go on a road trip with her worst enemy. But she was happy, kind and she just rolls with everything she’s given.

Rhys is a great guy! I loved how he was conflicted. In one way Sam had ruined his life. In another way, he likes her, so many things about her. He was hilariously grumpy on their road trip. And the two of them were able to play off each other the whole crazy road trip. And that part was amazing. These two seemed real and had such great chemistry.

The love story in this one is fabulous. It’s full of humor. And surprises. I loved all of the surprises that the author gave the reader. The whole plot kept me guessing until the very end.

Speaking of the end…the epic-logue was one of my very favorite things. The whole group was in their 60’s by that point. And this left me thinking. It left me thinking about how much we compare ourselves to others. And why? I loved that these characters showed me that comparison is a huge waste of time, because it doesn’t matter later.

You really need to read this one! And if you’re on Instagram, check out my page today, because I’m giving away a copy of this one over there.

I was sent an e-copy of Falling for Your Enemy as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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