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While You Were Speaking

♥ She didn’t expect to fall in love. He didn’t expect to fall for his brother’s fiancée. ♥

Lucy Morrowitz has two dreams. First, to reopen the Starlight, a drive-in theater she inherited from her parents. Second, to marry her celebrity crush—motivational speaker, Carter Hughes. Neither goal is attainable until her coworker, morning show DJ, Crew Keller, convinces the community to save the small-town landmark. When Carter Hughes accepts her Hail Mary of an invitation to give the kickoff speech at the Harvest Ranch spring cleanup, suddenly, neither dream feels as far out of reach.

Zachary Hughes has never been much of a dreamer. He doesn’t have as glamorous a job as his brother, but it’s steady and reliable, even if he doesn’t love it. He doesn’t care that he’s not well known, in fact, he prefers a quiet life, and there’s nothing Carter has that Zach envies—until he meets his fiancée. Because of her, Zach finds himself reaching for more: A job he looks forward to every day. A town where he’s known, and not just as Carter’s little brother. And the perfect person to spend his life with—someone who laughs with him, challenges him, accepts him, loves him. Someone like Lucy.

Are these the dreams that will bring them happiness? Perhaps the motivational speakers are right—Lucy and Zach can reach their dreams—they just have to make sure they’re reaching for the right ones.

My review

While You Were Sleeping is one of my very favorite Romantic Comedies. It gets quoted at our house in some way or other at least weekly and sometimes even more than that. I was really excited when I saw that Maria Hoagland based her next book on it. And I LOVED how she wrote this one. It’s original enough to stand on it’s own. But there is plenty of While You Were Sleeping thrown in there.

I started reading this one just looking for a light, fun, read the other day. I read the first chapter and knew this was just what I was looking for. The first chapter made me laugh so hard. I need that sometimes.

Lucy is our main character. She works on the radio in Harvest Ranch. But Lucy dreams of one day bringing back the drive in movie theater that her parents had loved so much. Of course, that costs money, lots of money. Lucy made me smile. She is the down to earth kind of girl that doesn’t mind working and getting a little bit dirty. I had to laugh at the way her drink order was always wrong. Lucy is trying to get the whole town involved in clean up. And that’s how she meets Zach.

Zach’s brother, Carter, is a motivational speaker. When Carter gets asked to go to Harvest Ranch to speak, it quickly becomes a family affair. Zach’s family is hilarious. I especially loved his Grandpa Moose and Grandma Minnie. They were so funny. Zach works at his family’s funeral home, but he’s ready for a change. And Harvest Ranch just might be the change he’s looking for.

I loved everything about this one! Make sure you read all of the Harvest Ranch romances. You don’t need to read them in any order. And they are all great!

I was sent an e-copy of While You Speaking as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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