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murder takes a selfie

If you like Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie, you’ll love Esther and her best friend, Sophie, in book one of the By the Sea Cozy Mystery series!

Oceanside High students Esther and Sophie prefer life between the covers of their favorite books, but they open an entirely new adventure and begin an exciting new chapter when the Stuart twins, Parker and Paisley, move from Great Britain to an old mansion in Esther and Sophie’s small beach town. The girls score invitations to a celebrity author’s book-launch party at the twins’ mansion, but after the selfies are snapped, someone goes missing, and everyone is a suspect.

Used to hiding behind her glasses and cardigans, Esther has secrets that only her cat and Sophie know. But when someone’s life is at stake, what will Esther risk to solve the mystery and save her friends?

My review

I’m always up for a good mystery story. I enjoyed this one by Shannon Symonds. It’s got a great mystery and great characters. I loved that there were characters from her other books, Safe House and Finding Hope.

I really loved the the main characters and heroes of this book were all teenagers. This one has a decidedly young adult feel that was great. Esther is the main character, she’s the one the reader kind of gets to know. I loved seeing the story through her eyes. Esther has her friend Sophie, her uncle Nephi and friend Parker around to help her. Sometimes they were helping her get out of trouble, but sometimes they were helping her get into trouble. I loved seeing their relationships throughout this book.

One thing that I really loved as I was reading was the way Esther learned about herself. She learned that sometimes she was judgy and that she needed to work on not judging others. She learned that it’s okay to make mistakes sometimes. And she learned the value of family.

This is a cute book that I loved reading! I can’t wait for more books in this series.

I was sent an e-copy of Murder Takes a Selfie as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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