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Byron loves his job as a marriage counselor but is disappointed when he begins to lose clients because of his marital status. Julie is similarly frustrated with the world’s view that she must not be happy because of her lack of a husband. Byron devises a simple answer, an ad in the paper asking for a wife. Julie thinks it’s crazy but ultimately realizes it might be exactly what she needs.

It works perfectly and both are happily single, but married. Julie isn’t getting set up and Byron can even tell his clients that to help his marriage he makes sure to give his wife some “space”. But the honeymoon phase wears off and in time they find that always making excuses for why their spouse isn’t easy. They begin to invite each other to activities to avoid excuses, and before long Byron discovers he has fallen in love with his wife. She however has decided she wants to find real love and thinks Charlie might be the answer. She asks for a divorce. Can Byron do what he has asked hundreds of couples to do and fight for his marriage?

My review

This book is one of those books where the premise sounds amazing. I loved the idea of a guy advertising for a wife in the newspaper. That is so clever and I haven’t seen one quite like this before. And there were many things about it that were good. I did laugh at the way he met the women he would choose from.

I think this author has tons of potential. There were a few things about this one that didn’t work for me though. I didn’t feel like I connected with the characters. They just seemed kind of one dimensional, not like they could be real characters.

I did finish the book. And I didn’t not like it. But it wasn’t one of those books that I would be reaching for over and over. I’m hoping this author continues to write, I think with a little practice, he’ll hit it out of the park with a great book next time.

I was sent a copy of The Business Proposal as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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