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The Perfect Hit

He’s got a crush, but can he make it out of the friend zone?

Colt Buttars knows nothing about theater, until Hazel enters his life. He’s liked her for months but isn’t sure how to tell her. Then the opportunity to try out something new, something besides sports, gives him the push to get out of his comfort zone, and hopefully, impress Hazel. The only problem is keeping that a secret long enough to figure out a plan.

The theater teacher asked Hazel Miller to write the spring play and it’s got her all sorts of nervous. But having Colt there helps, at least until he’s been asked to a dance by one of Hazel’s theater friends. Only then does she start to realize her feelings for him.

But will she be too late?

My review

I love a good YA romance. The ones that are sweet and clean just make me happy! This one by Britney M Mills was just cute. I loved her characters, her plot and really just the whole book.

Colt and Hazel are the main characters in this one. These two have been best friends for a while. But neither has been brave enough to tell the other that they’d like to be more. And this causes some issues later in the story when both are with other people on a date.

I liked Colt. He’s a baseball player. And that’s kind of all his family appears to want him to be. But Hazel has written a play and Colt wonders what it would be like to try it. I loved that he was brave enough to try it. And be all the way in too, not just lukewarm about it.

Hazel had a bad break up before she was friends with Colt. She’s not sure she wants to be brave and tell Colt how she feels in case everything goes wrong. But she still falls for him, even though she tries not to.

This book has a great cast of characters besides our main characters. I’m sure reading the other books in this series would introduce the reader to them. I can’t wait to read the rest and get to know them all.

I was sent a copy of The Perfect Hit as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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