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How to Ruin the Holidays

After a disastrous family Thanksgiving, all I wanted was to avoid anything holly and jolly this year, so an unexpected business trip seemed like the perfect escape plan . . . until I landed smack dab in the middle of a freaking winter wonderland, otherwise known as Carole Cove, Montana. It’s merrier and brighter than the North Pole. The town even comes with its own Mr. Holiday—Noel Holiday, that is. Not only is he holly and jolly but he’s hotter than the lattes he sells at his café. And for some reason he would love nothing more than to share the magic of the season with me.

Unfortunately, this little trip of mine isn’t exactly filled with good cheer. But Noel’s kisses have a way of making me believe in Christmas miracles. And a miracle might be exactly what it takes to keep the holidays from being ruined forever.

My review

This is my last Christmas book for this year. And my last post for the year as well. I hope you all have a Happy New Year this weekend.

I loved reading this one by Becky Monson! Her characters made me laugh. And I loved the people of Carole Cove. It was just like a town in the Hallmark movies I love to watch and that was a great thing. This book goes hand in hand with The Holiday Ex-Files by Jennifer Peel. I loved the way the two books connected. Make sure to read them both.

This one features Mara. She is sent to Carole Cove by her dad to bid on some land. She’s a fun character. She likes to crotchet when she’s mad, I loved that about her. I had to laugh when she kept ending up under the mistletoe with Noel. It just kept happening and it was more and more funny with every time. Mara realizes very quickly after getting to Carole Cove that she needs to not tell people why she is there. The townspeople don’t want the outsiders there to bid on the land. And they aren’t very accommodating of them.

I loved Mara and Noel’s love story. They keep getting thrown together and things between them just get better and better. Just like a Hallmark story!

The characters in this book were so great! I loved the way the whole town are part of Noel and Mara’s story. If you’re looking for a great rom-com to read, look no farther than this one!

I borrowed a copy of How to Ruin the Holidays with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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