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Sweet Right Here

Twice jilted, I’ve sworn off love forever.
But Miller James might be the one man to change my mind.

Newly un-engaged, I’ve returned to Sugar Creek to the welcoming arms of my family to make a fresh start. While I have a reputation for being unlucky in love, I’ve just scored the career coup of a lifetime—to work at Hope Farms, a therapy ranch for military veterans. The problem? The owner is the arrogantly handsome Miller James. He might be an old friend, but Miller’s all grown up now and made it clear I’m not welcome. I’ve got six months to make my program a success, but it’s hard to help others heal with Miller’s interference—and the return of someone from my past.

Miller’s got some secrets of his own. After a family tragedy rocked his world, the entrepreneurial genius left his first class life behind to open Hope Farms. And maybe everything Miller touches does turn to gold, but when my sisters recruit him in their pursuit of my next Mr. Right , Miller gets a little too involved. The lines are blurring between work and romance, and my boss has ideas that make me question his strategies—and his heart.

Can two broken people mend enough to heal together? Nothing’s fair in love and farming, but can Miller James and I harvest our own happily ever after?

My review

This book was so great! I loved so many things about it, from the small town of Sugar Creek, to Hattie, her family and Miller James. So many great things!

I loved Hattie. How one woman can find so many losers was a little crazy! It was so sad how her fiancé dumped her at her almost brother-in-laws funeral. But it did bring good things for Hattie. I loved watching her with Miller’s nieces, especially Ava. Hattie did so much good for her.

Miller is a great guy too. He goes out of his way to do things for Hattie. And the way he cares for his nieces was one of my very favorite things. I really loved the way that he tried to help Hattie with her dating. He tried to tell her which guys she should date and which ones weren’t worth her time.

Hattie’s family really brings the book to life, especially Sylvie. That is her grandma. She is a force! I loved the way she insists on being called Sylvie. She’s just a bit irreverent. And she made me laugh the whole book. I think we all need someone in our lives like her.

This was such a great book! I can’t wait for more.

I was sent an e-copy of Sweet Right Here as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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