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The Christmas Pact

Noelle Allred used to love Christmas, but not anymore. Not since her gran-gran passed away a year ago. She’s completely skipping Christmas this year.

Jack Meadows has always skipped Christmas. But his sister is a single mom going through cancer treatments this Christmas, and she wants Jack to make the season magical for her son.

Jack can’t stand Christmas, but he’d do anything for his nephew. So he seeks help from Noelle, his employee and the woman he’s secretly been in love with for a year and a half. Spending time with her is risky, but it’ll be fine because he’d never let his feelings about her be known. He’s her boss, so a relationship is entirely off the table.

No matter how desperate for help her good-looking but very Grinch-like boss seems, Christmas is too much for Noelle.

But everything changes when a mysterious package shows up on Noelle’s doorstep with a postmark of North Pole, Alaska, that is somehow from her gran-gran, and she agrees to help Jack.

As Noelle and Jack show his nephew all the Christmas magic a tight-knit community provides, along with the magic of Noelle’s large, loving, and very enthusiastic Christmas-celebrating family, sparks fly and they can’t deny their attraction for each other. Can they overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacle standing in the way of their relationship?

My review

I’m loving the Christmas books right now! This one by Meg Easton was so great! This author always does a great job with her characters, plots and settings. That makes it very hard to put her books down and do something else.

Noelle. I loved her character. It made me a little sad just how much she missed her Gran-gran. That’s what made the Christmas season hard for her. Christmas was something she had shared so much with Gran-gran. The two of them were the very best of friends. This is the first Christmas that Noelle will be navigating it without her. So when her boss, Jack, has a special paid project he needs done, Noelle is in. She volunteers without even knowing what she’s volunteering for.

Jack needs someone to help him give his adorable nephew, Aiden, the best Christmas ever. Only he doesn’t know how. That’s why he was happy Noelle was willing to help. It was fun to watch the two of them trying to get through a Christmas that they both knew was going to be hard, for whatever reason. I loved the way they helped each other out. And the way they were together, so great!

This book has such a great plot. I didn’t want to stop reading for anything. You need to grab this one, you’ll love it!

I was sent an e-copy of The Christmas Pact as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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