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Confession: I’m attracted to my student’s dad. Let me give you Tyler Dixon’s resume: thoughtful, manly, father of the year, widower, ridiculously attractive (basically the opposite of a dad bod).

This might sound like good news for someone like me—someone who dreams of getting married and becoming a mom—but it’s not. Getting involved with a parent is grounds for immediate removal at my school, and right now, my fragile heart can’t handle being fired. My mom just died. My boyfriend broke up with me, and to top it all off, my dad started dating again. Stable employment is the only good thing I have. Risking my job and my heart is the most foolish thing I could do.


Being a widower isn’t like the movies. There’s not a block of women knocking on my door, bringing me casseroles every day. No, real life is work, laundry, and groceries—all while being both the mom and the dad. I’m pretty much failing at this single-parent thing. I don’t have time to date. Which is good since the only woman I’m interested in keeps pushing me away: Miss Johnson. Emphasis on the Miss—as in, my son’s teacher. It’s hard to convince a woman to go out with you when she’ll get fired. But it’s either pursuing Meg, despite her job, or the never-ending depths of loneliness—no big deal.

Compared is a witty, heartfelt rom-com with a teacher/parent romance, an irresistible single dad, and swoony chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed-door.

My review

If you love a good rom-com, you need to read this book by Kortney Keisel! I loved everything about it. Her characters were amazing. The plot was perfect, the romance and the comedy were so great!

I loved Meg. She’s a second grade teacher. It was great in the story to see how good she was with the kids. But she signed a contract saying she wouldn’t date any of the kid’s parents. And that becomes a problem when she meets Tyler right after breaking up with her boyfriend.

The meet cute (part where the main characters meet) in this one was the best! I loved how Tyler was just getting off a blind date that he hated. And Meg was with her sisters. This part was so funny!

Tyler was the cutest dad to Krew. His wife had died a bit before the story opens. And he’s not over her yet. I loved the way Tyler talked to a random other widow at the cemetery. And how that whole thing plays into the story.

This is one of those books that I want to read again and again. I’m going to go find all of the books by this author now!

I borrowed a copy of Compared using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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