Practically Perfect

About Practically Perfect

Paradise isn’t quite what she thought. But is her unexpected attraction to an unruly, hunky cowboy really the best thing for this divorcée?

Penelope Primrose has worked tirelessly to create her picket-fence bliss. After dreaming of a beautiful home and an idyllic small-town lifestyle, the would-be Southern belle perfected impeccable grooming and manners to land her childhood sweetheart. But her visions of a rapid ascent up the social ladder shatter when she finds her ideal husband with another woman…

Thrown into a divorce-driven spin and desperate to reinvent herself, the plucky Alabamian is totally confused by the chemistry she feels with the motorcycle-riding, guitar-playing, cowboy next door. And though his loud music and gosh-awful Airstream trailer are rubbing her the wrong way, Penelope secretly wonders if maybe it’s time to unleash her own inner rebel.

Will her mad attempts to let her hair down end in disaster… or happily ever after?

Practically Perfect is the sassy second, standalone book in the Good Girls Don’t Come Last sweet contemporary romance series. If you like flirty heroines, swoon-worthy hunks, and a dash of dramatic angst, then you’ll adore Jennifer Youngblood’s small-town romp.

My review

I love a good rom-com! This series by Jennifer Youngblood has been so great! I loved seeing the town of Comfort and well loved characters again. This one stands alone just great, I read it out of order and had no problems with knowing what was happening and who everyone was.

Penelope or Pen as her friends call her is one strong woman. She finds her husband cheating on her. And, instead of hanging her head, she keeps it high and goes to work. There is one scene near the end of the book where she puts everyone in their place. And that may have been my favorite scene of them all.

I loved Memphis. There were some really funny misunderstandings that made him look like a bad guy during parts of the book. But he was a gentleman throughout.

This book was funny! It was romantic. And it was a book I didn’t want to put down. Make sure to pick this one up, you won’t regret it.

I borrowed a copy of Practically Perfect using my Kindle Unlimited Subscription. All opinions are my own.

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