Where Her Heart Lies

Where Her Heart Lies

After five years of finishing school in New York, Celeste McCurdy is ready to wash her hands of the snobbery of big-city life and be free of thoughts of Charles, the overly charming suitor who left her without a word. It’s time to return home to her small Colorado town. Despite her failed relationship with Charles, Celeste yearns to marry, and she knows just the man to handle her heart with care: her childhood love, Logan. Poor and endlessly kind, he is the polar opposite of the type of men she knew in New York. 

Logan Jones has been dealt a difficult hand in life, forever fighting to make ends meet in his desperation to avoid the pitfalls of wealth that poisoned his family. But when his longtime friend returns to town, Logan finds a compelling reason to accept his unwanted inheritance. Because even as Logan and Celeste are drawn together, a complication arises: Celeste’s former suitor has come for the woman he let go of—and Logan won’t give her up without a fight. Torn between two men, Celeste must determine where her affections lie or risk losing a love that’s true.

My review

I’ve enjoyed reading these books by Carolyn Twede Frank. I love when books go together. Heart of the West, Saving Susannah Jones, Under the Stars, and His Accidental Bride all go together and tell the story of Craig, Colorado and the people that live there.

I was so glad to see Logan get his own story. I’ve watched him as a side character in the other books and been so sad for him. He was kind of the underdog, least cared about character. But he was a great guy. Always one to look out for those around him, even when they hadn’t necessarily been kind to him. At least that’s how he was in the beginning of this book. Before he let things drive him crazy. Logan had to learn how to deal with life when it wasn’t hard. And that was kind of fun to watch.

I liked Celeste. She’s come home from finishing school. Not because she was finished. But because she was sick of school and the whole city scene. I loved the way she loved the town of Craig. She just needed to be there, almost like she needed air. And it was great how she was a little unorthodox about how she went about things. Honestly, I didn’t like her when she came up with her contest. And what she did to both Logan and Charles. It wasn’t kind. But I get that she wasn’t sure what to do.

I enjoyed the plot of this one. From the very beginning with Celeste getting home to the great ending, I enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant escape.

I was sent a copy of Where Her Heart Lies as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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