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matched with her runaway groom

A cruise should’ve been their honeymoon.

Rachelle Stewart has spent the last year working through her Breakup Bucket list, something her roommates helped her create to get over her ex-fiancé, Landon Higgins. The cruise she won is going to be the crowning achievement of her list, but she can’t seem to get rid of Landon when he shows up as a passenger.

Luck is on Landon’s side when he finds out he’ll get uninterrupted time with his ex-fiance. He ruined things a year ago and getting her back is a long shot. But seeing the changes in her gives him the sliver of hope that they might forgive and forget.

As the truth is revealed, will she trust him after all they’ve gone through apart? Or will they leave the ship and go their separate ways?

Enjoy the first book in the Romance by Love, Austen series, a romantic comedy spinoff of the contemporary romance series!

My review

This is my very favorite kind of book! I loved the way the author made her characters jump off the pages. And the cruise setting makes it a perfect beach read. Everything about this book made me happy!

Rachelle is the former bride. She’s come up with a bucket list to get over her ex. It includes things like paintballing and ziplining. She takes pictures of herself doing these things for her social media. I really liked that not everything was perfect in Rachelle’s life. Her fiance leaving was obviously one thing. But Rachelle has a hard time in her relationship with her mom. And that makes her really relatable.

Landon sounds like he’d be the bad guy in the book. But…things aren’t what they seem for him. I loved that he knew he messed up, almost from the moment he did it. And he wants to make things right.

These two end up on the same cruise. And the things that happen to them are so great! I laughed out loud while reading this one so many times.

This one is a great rom-com! You need to read it!

I was sent an copy of Matched with Her Runaway Groom as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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