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pretending I love Lucy

The first rule of being a winner? Never lose your heart …

People think it’s easy being Felix Dodd III. And sure the fortune, legacy, and inheritance aren’t exactly terrible. But the name comes with so many strings, my hands feel permanently tied.

Like I’m stuck following in my father’s footsteps. Like I can’t trust people’s intentions. Like my grandmother wants me settled down before my thirtieth birthday.

I’ve got less than zero interest in marriage, ever since my one attempt at love crashed and burned. But Grams won’t let me access my trust until I’m engaged. Which means I need a fiancée.

Someone who’s looking for quick cash and a quicker getaway.

Someone like Lucy Devlin.

She’s got less than zero interest in me. But if I can get her to play along—just long enough to fool my grandmother—Lucy will be a whole lot richer, Grams will be none the wiser, and I’ll stay heartbreak free.

Just as long as I remember the new rule: Don’t love Lucy for real.

My review

It made me so happy to get to read Lucy and Fix’s story. My Own Best Enemy left the reader wondering what had happened to Mrs. Dodd. And I needed that mystery cleared up. I have loved Julie Christianson’s world of Apple Valley. I can’t wait for another book set there!

I loved Lucy in this book! She is the kind of woman who wants to help her younger siblings go out there and get their dreams. I loved that she works so hard for her family. And she works hard for the library patrons. Especially Mrs. Dodd. The reader can tell that she had a special spot in all of the hearts of those who worked at the library.

Fix is the kind of guy who jumps on a plane as soon as he realizes that his grandma is missing. He’s also the kind of guy to go out of his way to try and help those around him. I really liked Fix.

And Grams. I LOVED Grams. She’s one of those characters who are larger than life. And she’s kind of sneaky. I loved how she was not above a little play acting to get what she wanted.

This is the best kind of book, for me at least. A little fake relationship always works for me!

I borrowed a copy of Pretending I Love Lucy using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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