About It Started with a Sunset

It started with a sunset

For these two workplace opposites, attraction caught them by surprise.

Summer Graham’s life is just how she likes it—surrounded by people in both her personal life and in her work life as an admissions recruiter at a university. Want to go on an adventure? She’s your gal. Want a serious relationship? She can probably introduce you to someone who does, but it’s not her.

Brock McMillan spends his time striving for perfection, being a good older brother, and enjoying his job helping students get college scholarships. Oh, and disagreeing with Summer on pretty much everything that goes on in the office.

Not that it’s purposeful. Their ideas are just kind of like their office spaces—Brock’s is minimalist and logical (but Summer will tell you it’s where ideas go to die) and Summer’s is lively, fun, and creative (but Brock will tell you it’s chaotic).

They’re teamed up to run Aquamoose Tracks together—the big overnight event put on by the Welcome Center at the university where they both work. Both think they know how it will all turn out, but they’re both in for a few surprises.

And they definitely never expect to fall in love.

My review

Meg Easton is one of those authors. The kind that you know you can pick up their books and enjoy it. Her books always make me happy. And this one is no different.

I loved everything about Summer. She seemed like she just jumped off the page. I loved the way she made everyone around her happy in any way she could. During one part, she buys this ball gown. And she wears it every where she goes, just because she can. I loved how spontaneous Summer is.

Then there is Brock. He’s the kind of guy with lists of things that he needs to do and when he needs to do them. And he sticks to the lists. I loved watching how Summer helped him to let loose a little. These two characters really complemented each other. Watching them fall in love was the best!

I loved everything about Lake Baldwin State University too. It seems like a most idyllic place to work and to go to school.

This book is so great! You need to read it!

I borrowed a copy of It Started with a Sunset using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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