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Love, strictly speaking

Wes Hawthorne has always been a man of few words. For him, everything is easier when he’s quiet. Content to speak only through his writing, he’s overjoyed when he gets picked for an internship to write the biography of one of the country’s wealthiest venture capitalists, and it’s exactly what he needs to start his future life and make his dad proud.

What he didn’t count on was another author working on the project with him. Sammy Faraday is everything Wes isn’t—spontaneous, exuberant, endlessly cheerful—and she seems to love nothing more than pushing him over the edge. Sometimes literally.

But the longer Wes works with Sammy, the more he starts to open up and find courage he’s never known. When feelings grow on both sides, the two of them make a pact to keep things professional (aka firmly in the friend zone). But with every passing day, Wes loses more of his heart and finds himself no longer chasing the safe and certain future he always thought he wanted, but something less so with the potential to be infinitely better.

All he has to do is convince Sammy that an uncharted future is better faced together. But to do that, he’ll have to find his ever-elusive voice or risk losing her at the end of the semester. No pressure.

My review

I’ve loved reading this series by Dana LeCheminant. Every one of her characters seems to jump off the page. As though they are real people that you know. This book can stand on it’s own. But I would read each of the books in this series, to really get the full picture of all of the characters.

Wes is the character in the Hawthorne family that I’ve been most curious about. He is the one who is always quiet in the corner. It was so great getting to learn a bit about him and who he is. And it was fun to see him open up a little bit and show the reader who he truly is. He is a great guy. A loyal and true friend.

Sammy is the young woman who gets his attention. Wes and Sammy are supposed to write a biography together. And he’s not sure how to even talk with her. I loved the way Sammy, little by little, is able to draw Wes out. And I loved the way he notices what she needs and is able to help her in little ways. These two are so perfect for each other.

I’m so sad to see the end of this series. But so glad that I can go back and read these whenever I need to get my Hawthorne family fix.

I was sent an e-copy of Love, Strictly Speaking as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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