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pretending at love

A stalker, a Hawaiian wedding, and attraction that should NOT exist between friends.
Friends who are pretending to date, that is.

A random run-in at a restaurant brings high school friends April and Jackson back together. A not so random run-in with April’s new stalker starts a VERY short charade of Jackson pretending to be April’s boyfriend.

That is, until he needs a date to a destination wedding. And who can say no to a free Hawaiian vacation?

But when feelings beyond friendship start to develop, can these two separate the fake from the real? And if they can… Is it worth the risk?

My review

First of all, what do you think of this cover? Wow, I think it’s so pretty. It really fits the vibe of the book.

I love a good fake relationship story. And Karen Thornell did a good job with this one. I loved Jackson and April. These two made me laugh. They just worked together. And it took them a really long time to figure that out.

I loved the way April asked Jackson to help her out of her stalker situation. It made me laugh when the stalker kept showing up, at the craziest times and in the craziest ways. So funny! And Jackson needed a date for his friends Hawaiian wedding. How could April resist that?! I loved Jackson’s friends and their wives too. There were so many opportunities for them to throw them together.

I really enjoyed the plot of this one. Reading about Jackson and April’s Hawaiian vacation made me want another one of my own. I loved the Hawaiian feel to this one, it would be a perfect beach read!

I was sent an e-copy of Pretending at Love as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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