About Catching the Perfect Man

Catching the Perfect Man

Jess is ready to leave the Virgin Lips Club behind, and she has the perfect man in mind to make it happen…

Step one, get a job at the office where her best friend’s gorgeous brother works.

Step two, get him to fall in love with her and kiss her senseless before the summer ends.
Umm, that’s going to take some work…

Still, her plan seems doable until a big distraction shows up in the form of Tyson—the small town, baseball-playing, super-crush of her teenage dreams—who inconveniently works in her office building.

Grownup Jess tries to forget how easy it was to drown in Tyson’s ocean blue eyes. And ignore the way his smile can still turn her bones to jelly.

She only has one summer to catch her perfect man. And she knows who that is…right?

Catching the Perfect Man is a laugh-out-loud, sweet friends-to-lovers Rom Com, with a sprinkle of love triangle but absolutely NO cheating. It’s brimming with sizzling chemistry that culminates in passionate kisses and of course a HEA. This book is the 2nd edition. It was released under the same title in 2018 but has undergone significant edits.

My review

I love a good rom-com! This one by Bella Ricks took me a few chapters to get into. But once I did, I really enjoyed it!

I really liked Jess. She’s trying to intern for a lawyer, but somehow ends up with a secretary. And that woman HATES her! I had to laugh at the pranks that the secretary played on Jess. Poor Jess had a lot of issues at work.

It was kind of fun to read about Jess’ past. Her history with Tyson Avery was one of my favorite parts. Who knew the two of them would run into each other years later and that he would recognize Jess. I really loved watching the friendship these two developed. It was something special. Even though Jess didn’t want to even consider him a friend.

And Blake. I’m not sure just what to say about him. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments where Jess’ relationship with Blake is concerned.

This is a fun rom-com. I’m glad I read it!

I borrowed a copy of Catching the Perfect Man using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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