About Five Days with My Kinda Evil Ex

** I can’t believe I agreed to this! **

Daisy is struggling to get over her past.
Ian would do anything to fix it.

When these high school sweethearts get a second chance,
their chemistry is stronger than ever.
But will their differences keep them apart?

Ever dreamed of being famous? I did, but not like this.
I’m Cake Girl—from the viral video where the groom shoves cake in the bride’s face.

That video cost me my marriage which, let’s face it, was doomed from the start since the groom, Ian Kelly, is downright evil. Five years later, I’m still fighting flashbacks. But now I have a shot at the two things I want most—love and redemption.

I agreed to be on Time Warp, the tv show that gives couples a second chance. I told the producers I did not want a second chance with Ian Kelly, the groom who ruined my life.

Sadly, they didn’t listen.

Now I’m stuck with my evil ex for five days while the cameras roll.
Will Ian show me he’s worthy of a second chance or will we both come out of the experiment worse off than we were before?

Dozens of Cameras
Millions of Viewers
One Second chance

My review

I’m loving reading these books by Kimberly Krey! The plot of this one is just so funny. I loved everything about it.

Daisy is a successful young woman. She works hard, and that’s about all. But Daisy has a bit of a secret past. She was the star of a viral video when her new husband shoved cake up her nose. Which led her to annulling their wedding. And now she’s been asked to be on Time Warp with one of her exes. And, of course, it was Ian, the man she was married to that was chosen.

I loved the way this one played out. Daisy and Ian are forced to relive their disastrous ceremony. And Daisy gets even. I loved that scene, it made me laugh so very hard. But what I really loved was the way both Daisy and Ian want to make things right and get a second chance at their love.

This book is a quick, enjoyable read. I can’t wait for the next one!

I borrowed a copy of Five Days with My Kinda Evil Ex using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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