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The Dreaming Beauty

Once upon a dream, two cursed people fell in love . . .

Tansy White doesn’t want to end up alone like her three aunts who raised her, but when she is betrayed by her would-be betrothed, she fears she might never change her fate. At her aunts’ suggestion, she seizes the chance to visit Rose Cottage, the country home of her late mother. For years, dreams of the cottage have haunted Tansy, and she is convinced it holds the answer to her hidden past. But after getting caught in a terrible storm, she meets a man who is just as determined as she is to learn all her secrets.

Marcus Taylor, brother to the Duke of Westmorland, is also troubled by vivid dreams. On a sleepless night, as a tempest rages outside his brother’s estate, he makes a discovery far more mysterious than any dream: a young woman, cold as ice, lies unconscious in the library, and he is sure she is the key to solving his problems. When she wakes, what begins as a shared quest for information turns into an unexpected friendship. As they piece together the fragments of their pasts, they discover a tangled web of lies, and their feelings for each other become just as entwined. But is their love as strong as their dreams . . . or their fate?

My review

Anneka Walker has a way with weaving a fairy tale into an amazing regency romance! I loved The Masked Baron and was so excited to get to read this one. And isn’t that cover amazing?!

Tansy is an amazing character! I loved the way the reader got to know her and her story better and better the deeper they got into the story. And the way the author weaved a mystery in here was just amazing as well! I loved the way Tansy cared for her aunts, helping them with whatever they needed.

Marcus…I loved his character so much! He was always willing to step in to help anyone who needed it, including Tansy’s family. I loved his humility. And how he was trying to research dreams to figure out his own. Tansy and Marcus just fit. And he had a mystery to figure out as well.

This author has such a way with characters. And there are so many great ones in this book. The author did such a great job with the plot too. Leaving the reader thinking and amazed at just how well everything fit together!

I was sent a copy of The Dreaming Beauty as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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